The French Club (or “Club de français”) at UCU is designed for students who want to practice French language and learn about francophone cultures, whether they are currently taking a French course at UCU or not. For students who are not taking French classes at UCU, it is advised that they have at least notions of French (beginner level A1, roughly) in order to be able to take part in the different activities. 

The purpose of the French Club is not to give additional French classes but to practice the language as much as possible in a casual atmosphere, discover other aspects of French and francophone cultures, meet and interact with others and most importantly, have fun! 

The teachers will not be lecturing but will be facilitating activities that will put the students at the center of their learning process, in order for them to focus mainly on speaking and listening (even though there will still be room for writing and reading skills depending on the activities and depending on the students’ needs and interests). 

Games, videos, articles, movies, role-plays, debates and other surprises are waiting for you, so join us at the French Club!

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French Club